Thank you for considering opening your home to our furry friends!

Once you find the right animal for your family and that animal arrives at your loving home, you now form part of OUR FAMILY.

If you’ve gotten this far in our website, you know many of our animals come from severe situations of abuse and or abandonment and require a healing process that might take some time. Because of this, our adoption process can be lengthy. Sometimes there is a waiting list for a particular animal or an animal may have special needs that require additional screening of their future homes. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding so we can make a match that works best for our animals and you! This will help ensure a long lasting and successful relationship. There are a number of methods to find your perfect companion animal rescued by the SPCAPVR. Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions or concerns.
With your support, we will continue our efforts of mending broken souls one PAW at a time.

Adoption Fees for Dogs:
Mexico: $3,000 pesos
US and Canada: $400 USD
Adoption fee for Cats:
US and Canada: $150 USD
Note* Adoption fees may change without prior notice.


Once you’ve determined the specific animal you wish to adopt, you need to contact us to begin the adoption process.
The process requires you to complete a thorough application and return it to us at
spcapv@gmail.com. See below.

1. Once your application has been reviewed, we will be in contact. Please allow us a few days of review before expecting to hear from us. Be aware that there may be additional contact required, such as a home visit before the adoption is approved. Please understand that we want to make sure this is a perfect fit for you as well as our rescue.

2. We will guide you through the transport process if necessary and provide you with all the necessary veterinary records regarding vaccinations, etc.

3. You will also need to agree to the terms of our ADOPTION CONTRACT. Important to note that if any of the terms of the contract are not honored it will be considered a breach of contract, invalidating it and allowing for retrieval of the animal back to the SPCA PV.

Click to download and fill out our adoption application. Please email to spcapv@gmail.com. Thank you!

Ready for a home

Every day at Puerto Vallarta SPCA, hundreds of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats are awaiting for a new loving home. They each have a story to tell. 





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