Given our work, it’s not surprising that we’ve acquired some “special needs” dogs who have become permanent residents at the sanctuary. 
We realize it would be difficult to adopt them out due to the level of care needed and besides, we have fallen in love with all of them! All of our special dogs get full time care, including frequent cleaning, pool therapy, special exercises and treatments to keep them well.
As you can imagine, this can be very costly, which is why they are a perfect choice for a SPONSORSHIP to help defray these costs. Please look through their pictures and stories and see which one(s) you fall in love with.
Your support for them is greatly appreciated!

Donating these items are as good as a pat-pat.

Our furry friends at SPCA Puerto Vallarta need lots of TLC. You can help us spread the love by buying from our wish lists.  There’s plenty you can choose from to make animals feel safe, comfortable and cared for.



Omegas was rescue by one of our volunteers, he saw him limping and decide to take him to the vet, turns out he had an old fracture on his hip, but it was to late to fix it. Omega has to take special pills (Leidofs 400) that have a cost of $1,232 pesos. 

The $100usd sponsor level per month, will be ideal to have his medication cover and he will  thank you furever. 


Name – Omega 
Gender – Male
Breed – Lab Mix
Color – Brown 
Age –  Years
Weight –  Lb 



In November 2017 we received a message on Facebook from a lady who rescued Sadie after she had been hit by a car. Sadie had been tied on the side of the road and could not walk. The kind lady took her to the vet where they advised her to put Sadie to sleep. Other than her injuries she was healthy, so the lady took her home and called us to help. We picked Sadie up and she’s been at the sanctuary ever since. She did have a spinal surgery, but unfortunately it didn’t help and it is clear she will not walk again. But you will see from her video, she doesn’t let her injury stop her – what a great spirit! A SPONSORSHIP would help continue her care. Thanks for your consideration!


Name – Sadie 
Gender – Female
Breed – Pastor Mix
Color – Black
Age – 4 Year old
Weight – 31Lb



Moses was rescued with his mom Sheba and a few siblings as a little puppy. Unfortunately we had a distemper outbreak at the shelter shortly after their rescue and Moses and a few other pups contracted it. We had to put them in quarantine somewhere else, give them treatment and hope they would make it. Some did and some didn´t. It was very difficult for us! But Moses was a survivor. Unfortunately, the virus affected his brain a bit and he has some neurological damage, thus is a bit unpredictable sometimes. We still love him and will care for him, but he will most likely be a permanent resident of the shelter. Please consider SPONSORING him. He’s such a good boy and funding would help defray his shelter costs.


Name – Moses 
Gender – Male
Breed – Lab-Pointer Mix
Color – Black / White 
Age – 1.5 Years
Weight – 40 Lb / 18Kg



Bruno is one of our permanent residents at the sanctuary. He was found lying under a bridge, very thin and not moving. He had likely been hit by a car, leaving his back legs paralyzed with multiple wounds from dragging them around. He was taken to the vet for evaluation and medication. X-rays showed a vertebrae out of place and damage to his spine leaving him unable to walk.

He requires special food ( Kidney Care by Hills) $1,539 pesos is the cost of the bag.

The $100usd sponsor level per month, will be ideal to have his medication cover and he will  thank you forever. 


Name – Bruno 
Gender – Male
Breed – Boxer Mix
Color – Brown
Age – 2.5 Year old
Weight – 31Lb / 14Kg


Sponsor one of our resident dogs!

With your sponsoring, you are providing critical support for our resident animals who most likely will never had the chance to find a furever home.

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