During this unprecedented time, we are all experiencing challenges caused by the pandemic and it’s ripple effects. Due to reduced funding following the loss of our founder and benefactor, Janice Chatterton last year, we already had to limit the number of animals we could take into the sanctuary. Unfortunately, this has been further exacerbated by uncertainties caused by COVID-19.

For instance, due to limited flights we were unable to get many of our adopted animals to their new homes in Canada and the U.S., leaving less space for new animals needing to be rescued. Given the reduction in spay/neuter clinics for months, demand has continued to grow due to increased breeding. Finally, during the pandemic, we had to cancel our weekly sanctuary fundraising tours, the booth at the weekly Farmer’s Market, and major fundraising events that would help raise needed funds to support these additional animals. 

Because we primarily depend on individual donations, we’ve developed a way for you to SPONSOR one of our animals to help offset their expenses while waiting to be adopted or flown to their new forever homes.


1. Browse through our SPONSOR dog gallery and select a picture to get more information about each dog. 
2. Review the categories below and decide your sponsorship amount.
3. Click on the Sponsor/Donate button to complete sponsorship process. 


$600 Usd Spay and Neuter Clinic, sponsor a Spay and Neuter Clinic providing treatment for 40 animals.  This prevents the future suffering of hundreds of unwanted animials.  Or donate $20 USD for every individual animal you would like to help treat.

$400 USD.  Sponsor an animal newly rescued from the street. Your support  will  provide needed veterinary care, sterilization, training, shelter, care, medications and food for 3 months, preparing the animal for adoption.

$40Usd Animal Sponsors per month or $480/year provides for food, care, medications and health care for one of our shelter animals.

Spay & Neuter clinic

Rescue a dog

Monthly Sponsor

Donations from the United States & Canada are tax deductible.






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