Thanks for considering volunteering!! There are so many ways you can help! Depending on your availability, you can volunteer for a couple hours or even a day a week. We have awesome volunteers in British Columbia and Alberta Canada, the United States, and of course here in Puerto Vallarta.
Volunteers do many tasks from walking, cuddling and taking care for our animals,   Airport Transportation, Crate management in BC and Alberta, Home Checks, Animal delivery to new homes, Foster Home Management,  Adoption Stands, Farmers Market Booth, Networking and Fundraising.

Our volunteers dedicate hours to the SPCA Puerto Vallarta Sanctuary making MIRACLES happen! Together we are the SPCA. On behalf of all our animals, WE THANK YOU! 

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please contact us at spcapv@gmail.com

See options in Canada.


Dog walks

We try to get our dogs off shelter grounds at least once or twice depending if we have enough volunteers, this help socialize them. We meet  around 8:30am and take dogs to a local park where they meet strangers, other dogs, see more traffic etc. This is crucial for their socialization process. The more volunteers we have, the more dogs we can bring so that they can experience “life outside the shelter”.  Send us an email to confirm the days we are meeting,  depending on the season can change. 

Farmer's market volunteers

From November to April 9:00am to 2:00pm, we have a booth at the “Olas Altas Farmer´s Market” in Old town where we give information about the organization, shelter visits and adoption, and also sell SPCA merchandise: T-shirts, hats, calendars etc. and collect donations.

Spay & neuter clinic

We have spay and neuter clinics for up to 60 animals each month.  The primary role for volunteers to help the animals recover after the surgery.  You’ll monitor their vital signs and encourage them to come out from the anesthesia. No experience is necessary, and you’ll get the instruction and guidance you need.  It’s a very rewarding way to spend a day in Puerto Vallarta.  

Donating these items are as good as a pat-pat.

Our furry friends at SPCA Puerto Vallarta need lots of TLC. You can help us spread the love by buying from our wish lists.  There’s plenty you can choose from to make animals feel safe, comfortable and cared for.

VOLUNTEER IN CANADA (BC and Alberta) or USA (Seattle Area)


One of the biggest ways you can help an organization like ours is to volunteer your home to foster those rescues that are ready to leave the sanctuary and transition to a forever home. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience and allows you to participate in the final stages of “rescuing”. Invite one of our rehabilitated dogs to stay with you and help free up space within our sanctuary for another dog to be rescued.
Please Read More Here

BnB for airport dogs

If you want to help but are not able to foster longer term, maybe you can help us by giving our new arrivals Bed and Breakfast for just one night. We frequently adopt dogs to Vancouver Island or further north, or homes further away from Edmonton or Calgary. We need volunteers to pick up the dog at the airport, keep and feed it for one night until the adopters can come the next day to pick the pup up from you. 

Help with kennels

Every dog arrives with travel kennel and we need to collect these, store them and when we have willing vacationers flying to PV, we have to send them back with them. If you have a car that can accommodate larger stacks of kennels and are available to drive to the airport and/or drop off kennels with the flyers. 

Home visits

The last step in our adoption approval process is to arrange a home visit for the new adopters with a dog savvy volunteer in the area. The goal is to get to know the family a bit, see the home and how dog suitable it is. If you are interested we can provide training.

Fundraising ideas

Volunteers in any location can help raise money for the SPCA PV

To maintain the shelter and continue taking in animals, we are always looking for volunteers with EXPERIENCE and/or NEW IDEAS for FUNDRAISING. In fact, some of the best ideas have come from our volunteers. By charging a fee for friends to attend, volunteers can raise money by hosting house parties, game nights, pot lucks, bingo, wine tasting, craft circles or whatever interests you!  We are also looking for fundraising volunteers to help coordinate these events through other volunteers.

If you are interested to be part of any of the above activites, please contact us at

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