How Dusty got a second chance to live

We were notified about a dog in Colonia Magisterio, a part of town, with a lot of strays and street dogs. We did a free Spay/Neuter clinic there and fixed 60 animals but knew we would need to return for another round. Dusty was seen walking along the street – if you call it walking. His skin was so encrusted, and he must have hurt so badly he could hardly move.

When we rescued him, he was lying by the road on top of some dusty grey leaves, hardly distinguishable from the dirt. We took him to the vet who diagnosed him with the usual: Ehrlichia and Anaplasma, but luckily he did not have Distemper or Parvo, so we were able to admit him to the sanctuary right away. This is a critical step to ensure any new arrival does not infect the other shelter dogs.

Dusty was also diagnosed with two types of mange and was extremely emaciated and weak but had a great spirit to begin the long road back to health. We posted photos and rescue details on our Facebook page to share Dusty’s story and over the next several months watch him transform…

Dusty continued to make amazing progress at the sanctuary and became healthy enough for adoption. He is now in his “forever” home with a wonderful family where he can share his love and amazing gifts!

Our four-legged friends need your help

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