Happy Holidays!

All of us here at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta wish you and yours much love, peace and happiness during the holiday season and in the brand new year ahead. And as 2O22 wraps up, we reflect on the past, look forward to what’s ahead, and give thanks.

One year ago we had only begun to recover from Hurricane Nora, and, truthfully, had no idea what the future would hold. Blessed to have been able to save all the animals at the shelter from the storm, we remained absolutely committed to those in our care. But what we didn’t yet know was if we could safely rebuild on the property or if we had the resources to do so.

The good news is that much of the property was restored, the riverbank reinforced, and we trusted in the generosity of our supporters to help us begin the work to reopen the shelter. We are very encouraged by the progress made in 2022, removing all of the damaged structures, replacing the hydrotherapy pool, outfitting an on-site veterinary clinic, and beginning construction on the new staff housing. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Spay and Neuter Clinics - 2022

In addition, with the support of our donors we held nine spay and neuter clinics in 2022. Providing treatment to over 300 animals, together we prevented the suffering of tens of thousands of unwanted animals in Puerto Vallarta.

SPCAPV Sanctuary - 2023

In 2023 there is much to look forward to and much work yet to be done. We plan on re-opening the shelter next year and will regularly rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home more animals in need.

The external structure of the staff housing should be complete in early first quarter 2023. However, the building will still need doors, windows, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, floor and wall finishes, and furniture for the three bedrooms and the common dining/living area. So please consider donating to help finish the housing for the staff that takes such good care of the animals at the shelter.

Since we lost half our kennels last year, we will also be replacing those to accommodate more animals in need.

Ruffy's to the Rescue
Fundraiser for the SPCA of Puerto Vallarta

On November 18th we held a very successful fundraising event at Ruffy’s Dog Park and Cantina on Isla Rio Cuale. With over 130 paid guests, we gratefully raised nearly $250,000 Pesos — far surpassing our original goal. Putting the fun in fundraising, attendees enjoyed an open bar, complimentary food, whimsical raffle prizes, and fantastic entertainment by Louis Whitaker, with Kim Kuzma making a special appearance.

So do yourself a favor and consider Ruffy’s if you are looking for a venue to throw a party or host an event.

A big thank you to all who attended and the many, many people who made it happen. Our sponsors, Ruffy’s Dog Park and Cantina for providing the food, drink, staffing, space and fun ambiance; Ryan Donner and Associates, Performance Ad Group, and Harmonious Living Property Management and Design. And a big shout out to our table captains and VIP guests: Jeff Braun & Maria Zammichieli, Todd Calogne, Lois Fleming, Ray Francis, Randy Lee, Brentton and Carl Lowery, Timothy Metz, Derek Obayashi, Sean Olson, Joseph Raley, Jane Reimann, Lynn Reisinger, Chris Rising, Heather Shamgochian, and Mark Sumpter. And last but most definitely not least, to our many wonderful volunteers.

- Continue Supporting -
The SPCA of Puerto Vallarta and the animals we love

As we continue rebuilding and eagerly look forward to fully re-opening, along with donations to cover those costs the animals currently at the shelter need to be provided for. To that end, we’ve created the following sponsorships shown in U.S. dollars for those that can afford to help animals in need.

$120 — Sponsor a shelter animal. Provides shelter, food and care for one animal for three months.

Consider a recurring donation of $40 per month, or a one time donation of $480 to provide a full year of care.

$500 — Rescue a dog or cat from the streets. Provides initial veterinary care, sterilization, medications and shelter for three months, preparing the animal for adoption.

$600 — Sponsor a spay and neuter clinic. Provides treatment for 40 animals, preventing suffering for well over 10,000 unwanted animals in the future.

Lastly, a huge sincere thank you to every single one of our generous donors over the last year. Our work is completely dependent on your support.

Our four-legged friends need your help

We are not supported by the government, corporations, foundations, or businesses. We fully function on private donations. 

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