Four years on... remembering our Founder: Janice Chatterton

Each year at this time we remember Janice Chatterton, the founder of the SPCA de Puerto Vallarta and PVCA. Here is a tribute by Judy Webber, a flight angel and dear friend of Janice’s and the shelter.

It has been four years since Janice Chatterton passed away.

The lady who was truly the patron Saint to Puerto Vallarta homeless and neglected dogs.   

Janice was at her computer or at the sanctuary working seven days a week, morning to late, sifting through adoption applications or overseeing the medications and the well being of every dog at the Sanctuary. Tourists were recruited to fly an adopted dog to their new homes, many dog loving tourists were happy to do this in the high season. 

In the off season, with no tourists around to fly dogs to Western Canada or Washington State, Janice acquired her group of flight angels and spoiled them for a week at her Boutique Hotel, Hacienda San Angel, in exchange for taking a plane full of dogs back to the US and Canada. That is how I met Janice, I had booked a flight to fly down to adopt my own dog and I offered to take five others, since I was flying anyway. She said stay at my place for a week! Well I was shocked when I saw “her place”. And thus another flight angel was added to her group as I began to fly adopted dogs frequently during the hot off seasons.

There really was nothing that Janice didn’t do to rescue and rehome the street dogs. She was a force! And so very loved by those that saw the selfless and endless work she did for those doomed to a sad and short life.    

There are over a thousand dogs that have healed and gained weight at the Sanctuary and some were born there when their Momma was rescued in poor shape, all of those have had homes found for them by Janice.

I miss that amazing lady as do the other flight angels I’ve come to know over the years. There was only one Janice Chatterton and to say she was amazing, special and rare is just an understatement.  

We can only keep Janice’s vision alive through your generous donations. Thank you for your continued support.

Painting, Puppies and Pizza: A fundraiser for the SPCA PV

On Wednesday, March 8th, Kevin and Pam Campbell, two active volunteers, held a fun event to raise money for the SPCAPV. Participants were able to create their own unique mandalas, with materials and instruction provided by the artists from Art Social.  

The event was hosted by Restaurante Miel in Cinco de Diciembre, PV, who provided pizza, salad, and cocktails for the participants to enjoy while creating these beautiful pieces of art. The group also enjoyed meeting some of the puppies who made a visit to the event from the shelter.

Thank you Kevin and Pam, for seeing a need, coming up with a fun concept and executing the event for the benefit of the shelter and the enjoyment of the participants.  

Do you want to get involved and have an idea for a small fundraiser? Wine or tequila tasting? Pot luck supper? Game night? Let us know and we can help!



Keisha and her puppies

With our focus on rebuilding the shelter and hiring additional staff, we have not been able to rescue as many animals as we would like. However, when we learned in January that Keisha, a blind mother, and her litter of newborn puppies were living in terrible conditions amid rubble and trash, we knew we had to help.

Now, four months later, they are all in much better shape. Keisha has been outfitted with headgear that allows blind dogs to walk without bumping into things, and the puppies quickly became the volunteer dog walkers’ favorites. The puppies, Cosmo, Estrella, Luna, Solana and Titan, are all cute, playful and intelligent. And ready for their new homes! Does your family need a new furrever friend?

Another successful Spay and Neuter Clinic

What a great success our last spay and neuter clinic on March 12.

50 pets of responsible owners got spayed and neutered. 16 cats and 34 dogs.

Many thanks to Ana who brought the pizza, the volunteers, to the veterinary team and, of course, to our generous sponsor Bar el Soñador and to Steve Sayre who helped make our clinic possible.

Would you like to sponsor a Spay and Neuter Clinic? Let us know and we will  share all the information with you. Email us at spcapv@gmail.com

- Continue Supporting -
The SPCA of Puerto Vallarta and the animals we love

As we continue rebuilding and eagerly look forward to fully re-opening, along with donations to cover those costs the animals currently at the shelter need to be provided for. To that end, we’ve created the following sponsorships shown in U.S. dollars for those that can afford to help animals in need.

$120 — Sponsor a shelter animal. Provides shelter, food and care for one animal for three months.

Consider a recurring donation of $40 per month, or a one time donation of $480 to provide a full year of care.

$500 — Rescue a dog or cat from the streets. Provides initial veterinary care, sterilization, medications and shelter for three months, preparing the animal for adoption.

$600 — Sponsor a spay and neuter clinic. Provides treatment for 40 animals, preventing suffering for well over 10,000 unwanted animals in the future.

Lastly, a huge sincere thank you to every single one of our generous donors over the last year. Our work is completely dependent on your support.

Our four-legged friends need your help

We are not supported by the government, corporations, foundations, or businesses. We fully function on private donations. 

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