We are almost there, but we’ll need your help to finish rebuilding the shelter and adding new kennels.

It’s been 18 months since Hurricane Nora destroyed over half of our structure and washed away much of our land. In that time, we’ve remained open to care for our permanent shelter dog family, held frequent spay and neuter clinics, and continue to rescue and rehabilitate dogs when we are able. Once the state government rebuilt the riverbank in 2022, we began planning the reconstruction.

The physical structures of the staff quarters and the new kennels have been built, but there is still much to do before they are opened. Your continued financial support will help us finish and insure that we have sufficient funds to fully reopen and greatly increase the number of animals we can rescue.

We have puppies ready to find a loving home!

We have many new recently rescued puppies that would love to have their own space while we find them their furrever homes.
If you are interested in adoption any of this cutties send us an email  spcapv@gmail.com

- Continue Supporting -
The SPCA of Puerto Vallarta and the animals we love

As we continue rebuilding and eagerly look forward to fully re-opening, along with donations to cover those costs the animals currently at the shelter need to be provided for. To that end, we’ve created the following sponsorships shown in U.S. dollars for those that can afford to help animals in need.

$120 — Sponsor a shelter animal. Provides shelter, food and care for one animal for three months.

Consider a recurring donation of $40 per month, or a one time donation of $480 to provide a full year of care.

$500 — Rescue a dog or cat from the streets. Provides initial veterinary care, sterilization, medications and shelter for three months, preparing the animal for adoption.

$600 — Sponsor a spay and neuter clinic. Provides treatment for 40 animals, preventing suffering for well over 10,000 unwanted animals in the future.

With rebuilt housing we will hire more workers and care for more animals, moving abused and neglected animals from the cruelty of the streets to the safety of our Sanctuary.

Our four-legged friends need your help

We are not supported by the government, corporations, foundations, or businesses. We fully function on private donations. 

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